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Thread: Music in True Blood Finale!

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    Default Music in True Blood Finale!

    I loved that song right at the credits- the one by The Heavy! Such a killer track. And an overall crazy episode!

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    The closing credits for the "True Blood" episodes almost always deliver a dramatic punch to the gut. For a while there, the episodes were titled according to their closing music. The music choices had an uncanny ability to relate to the hour I just saw.

    This season was crazy! At least Eric and Sookie got to 'do their thing'. Several times. I'm a Bill/Sookie romance fan. But Eric, oh my gosh. Of course she couldn't choose one over the other one. But it was still sad. Surely they heard her sob on the porch after she left.

    Whoever choses the music for this show is a genius. *applause*

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    Dint here the music but the seen was real crazy, enjoyed it

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