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Thread: Most intense Fringe cliffhanger?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omniscient_Jay View Post
    Apparently, the Observers rely on technology to travel through space-time. This would assume that this child would also have used this technology to travel back in time. Since the Observers comprise of scientists with a mission, I'm not sure this child could have access to their technology unless he stole it somehow, in which case the question then becomes where did he leave this tech, and why has he not retrieved it to travel back to his original time.

    However, I imagine that if John Mosley is also a member of this future mankind, then this child could have found his way to the past through other means, perhaps having been brought/displaced/left there by someone else (for remember, he was underground for ~70 years, so he must have been around since at least WWII).

    As an aside, my current definitive thoughts on the child can be found in this thread, should you or anyone else be interested (There Are Things That I Know).
    Since this is actually off topic for this thread, I will close this out by saying that first, I have started to read the thread you point out and it is magnificent! Second, all we really know is that the place he was found in had been sealed up for ~70 years. I may comment again in a more appropriate thread.
    Thank you for considering my thought!
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    not really a cliffhanger, but i think the moment in subject 13 when young olivia crossed over and revealed everything to walternate

    i said wtf when i had realized what had happened when walter walked in the room

    i thought that was written and directed very well

    on top of that i thought it was a great opening scene in the episode with young peter and the cinder block

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    I liked the multiple epilogues of the S1 episodes. Some of them were hooks (not so much cliffhangers as clues for the future).

    It was Peter's grave that got me to watch the show. I'd flipped into the episode because some other show irritated me that night. The twin towers made less of an impression.

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