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Thread: Fringe on Science Channel (Cancelled?)

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    Okay, I don't know if this is the place for this, if not then please move it to wherever the correct thread is. But does anyone on this forum know WTH happened to Fringe on Science Channel? The episodes that were supposed to air on this past Friday were pulled, and repeats of Survivorman were played in their place. Then Entrada was scheduled to air Sunday at 9 am, but now Firefly is airing in its place. I searched my Direct TV guide, and there is nothing what-so-ever for Fringe. Anyone know what's going on? I checked the Science Channel website, and Fringe is still listed as one of their shows, but it is full off the schedule next week too, and when you try to check the upcoming schedule for Fringe, it says no data available. I have the DVDs, but I was loving having 3 hours of Fringe every Friday night to share watching with my father. Now I fear that Science channel has cancelled it, which sucks. Anyway, again does anyone know what's up? Any info would be appreciated.


    Looks like Science Channel finally responded on their Facebook page. They claim that the episodes will begin again in the spring with all new (to Science channel) episodes. They also claim t a mammoth sized marathon before that. So there we have it.

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