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Here's a final status update on the State of the OJ Union.

The crux of it can be stated as follows:

I will no longer be posting material on Fringe-Forum. All future Fringe-related fan fiction will be posted at my FanFiction page, where I go by the name of Uroboros75.

I can't link to my page from here (FFN is blacklisted here or something), so you can head over there and look me up.

The reason I'm doing this is that this forum is basically dead. I've tried to keep things moderately alive in the past two years, especially through Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow discussions. But there's not enough traffic to justify posting new material, whether PTS or otherwise; if there's no audience, there's not much use posting.

The next bit of news is that I've written a new one-shot piece -- a December-centric story titled The People Of This Era. Refer to my FFN profile to check it out.

It's been almost two years since I last finished and posted something, and the above has broken the dry spell. Due to IRL factors aligning favourably, I'm in a good position to start addressing stalled projects. Pulling the Strings IV, as well as other projects (Fringe and beyond) will be finished, and will be posted at FFN. I update my FFN author page periodically, so you can be informed as to the state of affairs on my end (and you can send PMs for direct queries, if desired).

My author page also has some PTS IV chapter previews, if you want some preview material.

I'm also thinking that my tenure here at Fringe Forum is basically over. I once had the idea of perhaps waiting until my 10,000th post to retire, but things dried up in the months following the series finale of Fringe. I may have missed that milestone, but I've still compiled a copious amount of posts here. So here's to everyone I've ever chatted with here. Hope you're all faring well in the reaches of Space and Time.
Lastly, this:

Glad you enjoy what you see, ferrarimik. However, you should know that the versions of PTS I and II on this site are obsolete; a couple of years back, I did some slight revisions and corrections. The version of PTS III on this site is the definitive one, but you're better off heading over to my FanFiction page and reading my stuff over there.

And I advise that you take note of my above message, if you indeed intend to read my output further.

Thanks for reading!
Bing Bing. "It has arrived".

OJ ? Paging OJ ... paging OJ. You around ?