The robotics thing reminded me of an old episode of Scientific American hosted by Alan Alda. One episode reviewed a gadget wired into the optical centers of the brain of a blind person that allowed visual signals from a camera to be received and "seen" by the wearer. At the time, maybe ten years ago IIRC, it was in its extreme infancy and allowed roughly a mere handful of large pixels in grayscale shades. The upgrade planned at the show's airing was great, hundreds of pixels and looked like back when I was a kid watching a bad signal on the antenna TV in black and white. Not clear and crisp but definite shapes and movement. I'm not implying a blind person is someone that needs to be fixed but imagine how much more independence and safety they can have, or, a child born blind never having seen their parents. Amazing to think about. I need to do some research and see if that project is still ongoing.