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Thread: Peter/Olivia: The Benchwarmers

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    Quote Originally Posted by stupidream View Post
    I'm pretty much crazy about football. (aka soccer )
    You mean fútbol? (Soccer) I love soccer. There are two national teams in Mexico that I love, Cruz Azul (Blue Cross) and Chivas (Goats) Though the latter goes to the Chivas cause I actually got to see them here in Oregon on my birthday when I turned 11 in 1997... Plus they hail from my dad's state in Mexico, Jalisco... Anyways, any P/O?

    ETA: Mariion, it will be waiting in your inbox soon...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mancha View Post
    You mean fútbol? (Soccer) I love soccer.

    Yes, football I support SL Benfica.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mariion View Post
    Oh, definitely. I love him playing piano for Olivia or just talking about music.

    I love the chapter in Clarity Checkmate have written about him and music.
    This ^ made me smile and giggle like an idiot. Just thought I'd let you know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stupidream View Post
    You got rid of the status! YAY

    Hi everyone...
    Hi Ines!

    Quote Originally Posted by LovinSha View Post
    I wanna work on a new ficlet to movements but you're all distracting me.
    Go write.
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    Ok Here is the astrid vid.

    I think it should be in the Walstrid thread since it fits there.

    I hope you like it.

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    Hey Bookworm and dach

    Love the video! So much fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stupidream View Post
    Hey Bookworm and dach

    Love the video! So much fun.
    Yay, i mean you are the ultimate judge since she is your fav character.


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    The song fits and it's a really good video.
    Has my seal of approval

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    127 Reasons Why Peter/Olivia Should Be Together

    1. Because... he always knows where to find her when she doesn't want to be found.
    2. Because Peter thinks a woman carrying a gun is hot.
    3. Because... he started to call her sweetheart and honey right in the next second after he met her.
    4. Because... when she thinks nobody cares... he cares about her.
    5. Because... when Olivia woke up from her coma, she asked for Peter first.
    6. Because... Olivia better make her move within the next year (2010).
    7. Because she admits to Peter that she's scared
    8. Because they are so cute together
    9. Because they can always talk to each other
    10. Because Olivia knows Peter the best
    11. Because if R***** gets in the way I will kill her
    12. Because--they are "alpha-glyphically symmetrical"
    13. Because it's in their eyes.
    14. Because...Olivia is exactly what Peter needs...she sees right through him.
    15. Because they need each other to keep each other from killing Walter
    16. Because she looked like she was going to cry when he was infected.
    17. Because....even Walter ships them
    18. Because.... They almost kissed!
    19. Because they're both not normal people.
    20. Because... they don't simply go on dates, they go out for drinks
    21. Because they are "always a little weird."
    22. Because... Walter wonders if she'll call him Dad.
    23. Because Peter was always there to get Olivia out of the tank.
    24. Because.... He never met anyone that can do the things she can
    25. Because they won an all expense paid trip to excitement
    26. Because their ship makes the best fan fiction!!!
    27. Because she lets her hair down to impress him.
    28. Because he called her "babe."
    29. Because she looks at his lips before his eyes when they're close together.
    30. Because they put the sex in eyesex
    31. Because Peter knows how far she will go for the man she loves.
    32. Because purple never goes out of style
    33. Because...he promised to do whatever Nina Sharp wants him to do, no questions asked, in order to get information that helped Olivia in a case
    34. Because...he came back to her when she had to turn off the lights in Ability, even though he knew they'll be probably die.
    35. Because...she brought his father back to his life again.
    36. Because...she risked her own life to save him, even though he attacked her and took her gun, when he was infected.
    37. Because...she totally turned his world upside down by her crazy actions.
    38. Because...he's always the first one to noticed there's something wrong with her.
    39. Because...he keep asking her if she's ok.
    40. Because Walter kept reminding Olivia that Peter was REALLY worried about her
    41. because I love you means never having to say I am sorry you came from another universe
    42. Because he didn't leave her in the end of Ability
    43. because she questioned him about the phone call
    44. Because he didn't go out with her sister
    45. Because she let J*** go
    46. because he was hooked up to a car battery for her
    47. Because Peter intentionally wanted to know if "it" bothered her...
    48. Because he can tell when something's wrong just because she "does that thing with her mouth."
    49. Because, if she was scared, she'd tell him.
    50. Because he knows she'd tell him if she was scared.
    51. Because when Peter was infected, he didn't shoot Olivia, he just told her to stay down.
    52. Because... Even when he's not himself, he would never put her life in danger.
    53. Because Peter listens to her when she needs to vent or talk.
    54. Because they may have shared a hotel room.
    55. Because... When Peter's test came back 'negative' she had to wipe a tear away.
    56. Because... she shot the bad guy who wanted to infect Peter with the parasite
    57. Because... after Peter was in a fight with the Observer, she came running to find him, and when she realized he was ok, she was paralyzed in place with happiness that he was ok.
    58. Because... Olivia comforted him after "his first time"
    59. Because... their body language in always in sync
    60. Because... Olivia is the only one that can pull one over on Peter
    61. Because... secretly Olivia likes it when he called her sweetheart
    62. Because... whenever he puts his hand on her face, she leans into him
    63. Because... whenever there is a P/O moment there is a special song that plays just for them!
    64. Because... they made it into Fox's Valentines Video
    65. Because Olivia let Peter play with the siren in her car.
    66. Because Peter already has a purple tux.
    68. Because...Peter was so mad at Walter through Jacksonville, because of his experiments on Olivia.
    69. Because...she impressed him with her knowledge about horror movies.
    70. Because...he said 'hey' and wanted to kiss her on goodbye when he thought she's dead.
    71. Because...he can calm her down.
    72. Because...he can answer her unasked questions.
    73. Because...she was so worried that he could die as an accidental victim.
    74. Because...he feeds her, whenever she's too busy.
    75. because Olivia likes to use Peter as target practice.
    76. Because ... even Rachel knows that she likes him
    77. Because ... Olivia bothers
    78. Because...he's by her side all the time.
    79. Because... when she almost shot him, he told Broyles that it was just a dud.
    80. Because...she opened up to him after Charlie's death.
    81. because Olivia can do card tricks
    82. Because what is written will come to pass.
    83. Because Walter knows that Peter thinks she's beautiful...
    84. Because...their pajamas match.
    85. Because...he told her she looked lovely.
    86. Because...he didn't get mad at Walter and didn't deny anything when Walter asked him if he thinks she will call him dad.
    87. Because...they communicate without words.
    88. Because... they talks about Walter as he was their child.
    89. Because...he likes to call her 'Livia.
    90. Because...he impressed her with his magic tricks.
    91. Because...she was looking at his chest when he opened the door shirtless.
    92. because he checked her out at the end of the happy birthday scene
    93. because she checked him out when she came to his hotel room
    94. because Walter thinks they need to use the bedroom
    95. Because...he knows how to make her smile
    96. Because ... he knows her so well
    97. Because... he waited till the last second to move his hand off her back in Bad Dreams
    98. Because...she cares about Walter like a father and he cares about Ella and R***** like family.
    99. Because...she always takes him with her on investigations
    100. Because...she calls him in the middle of the night
    101. Because ... she was trying to flirt with him when he asked for R******
    102. Because...he called and interrupted her little reunion with L****, when she was in Germany.
    103. Because...he was waiting for her to hand her a coat, when they were leaving the lab to investigate a case.
    104. Because...she stopped reading to Ella and was trying to listen to what R***** and Peter are talking about, so Ella had to call her to draw her attention again.
    105. Because ... she waited for Peter to look to undress
    106. Because...he holds door for her every time.
    107. Because Paramore ships them.
    108. BECAUSE...Peter pushed her out of the way when the beast in Unleashed was running towards them.
    109. Because they are not two singles together
    110. Because they can have conversations with just their eyes.
    111. Because they want to see the other happy and safe.
    112. Because Peter is on Olivia's speed dial.
    113. Because Peter is Olivia's protector.
    114. Because they make peacoats look sexy.
    115. Because they are from two universes.....slightly out of sync but on rare occasion they perfectly line up.
    116. Because Olivia mended Peter's broken heart.
    117. Because he knew she was a good dancer.
    118. Because he'd only go dancing with her.
    119. Because he kept her warm, fed her, and took her dancing.
    120. Because for once in her life, Olivia has someone who needs her.
    121. Because she wore his clothes.
    122. Because he's saved her life on more than one occasion.
    123. Because Ella ships them too.
    124. Because Olivia went to the other side for Peter and all J*** got was a tank full of water.
    125. Because Peter belongs with Olivia.
    126. Because they Kissed!
    127. Because the computer keyboard puts them together.
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    I had to change my status back to sick again due to these damn headaches!


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