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    Default Forum Rules - Updated 2012

    Welcome to!

    We have created this forum for fans from around the world to discuss and share FRINGE in a safe and interactive environment.

    In order to ensure the smooth running of the forum all members must following the simple rules we have laid down. If you require clarification please contact the Administrators or one of the Moderators by posting in the Helpdesk or by way of a Personal Message.

    Here's a quick overview (more extensive information further down the page):

    -Respect: You must respect fellow members at all times.
    -Do not link to or promote other fansites: This is an obvious one - when linking to Fringe information, please link to legitimate news sites only. The type of sites allowed would be TV Guide, EW, LA Times, etc. You may link to our affiliates. Do not promote unaffiliated fansites anywhere on the forum. If you own a fansite and would like your Fringe-related content to be posted on FF, please contact the Administrator.
    -Watermarks: Do not post photos or videos containing the watermark of other fansites.
    -Spoilers must either be posted in the spoiler forum, or tagged using our 'spoiler tags'.
    -Spam: Spam and advertising will be removed asap and the poster/bot banned.
    Failure to adhere to these rules can result in warnings, infractions or bans. Further information follows below (above is just a quick overview, the rules below do apply and should be read):


    • No racism, homophobia, views of hatred: We operate a zero-tolerance policy on this, which means you'll be banned if you post this type of content anywhere on the site. If you feel that you'd want to post this type of content, this is not the site for you.
    • Spoilers: Any information from a future episode which is yet to air on FOX is considered to be a spoiler. You must post all spoiler threads in the Spoiler Forum. If you are making a reply involving spoiler information to a non-spoiler thread, you MUST use spoiler tags: [spoiler] [ /spoiler]. (There is a spoiler button -- marked "S" -- in the advanced editor screen).

    We work hard to ensure that those who do not want to know future information are not spoiled, and those who do have a place in which to discuss them freely. Futher information on how to post spoilers can be found here. Failure to follow our spoilers rules will land you with infractions. Major spoiler abuse or repeat offences will result in suspensions or, in extreme cases, bans.

    • No vulgar or illegal content/behaviour: We consider ourselves to be a tasteful site with a responsibilty for decency. As such, crude, explicit or vulgar content is not allowed here on FF. Sexual innuendo may also get you in hot water.Baiting/Flaming/Trolling/Bashing: In order to participate on our boards, you must respect you fellow posters and all members of staff here at We encourage strong debate and firm opinions - we do not expect everyone to agree on everything, however there is a way to go about things if you have a difference of opinion with someone. If you personally insult, attack, or taunt other members then you will likely be dealt with appropriately. Insulting, abusing or generally being difficult to staff will get you suspended or banned, probably IP blocked (which means you wont be able to even browse the site as a guest).
    • No profanity. We do not accept profanity on FF. This includes using "*" or other methods to get around our profanity rule. Direct quotes from the show are fine -- just be sure to use quotation marks and ensure that any 'in show' terminology that may be deemed derogatory isn't used as a means of attacking or demeaning others.

    • Spam: Posting links to unofficial Fringe or Fringe-related websites not amongst our affiliates is considered spam. Posting ads or links with a view to make profit is considered spam. Advertising your personal site in a thread, via PM, or chat, is considered spam. If you are seen or caught spamming on FF you will be dealt with harshly. If you notice spam on the boards please notify a member of staff by using the 'report button' (small triangle) which accompanies every post - thanks in advance!

    • Linking: If you're posting a news item you MUST link to the original source of a news item (e.g. EW, TV Guide) NOT another fansite unless they are one of our affiliates. Do not copy/paste or link to content from Fringe fansites not affiliated with FF. Do not post watermarked screencaps/photos or videos, unless they contain those of our affiliates or official network watermarks. Do not link to photos residing on another site, post them in the thread using our attachment system or via a photohost using the image tag. A list of our affiliates can be found here). Please note; Livejournal, youtube and personal (non-Fringe) websites are generally OK to include in your signature and profile area.

    • Advertising: If you have a website, charity, product or content that you think will be beneificial to FF, you must contact the Admin before you post it up on the boards. If you advertise on the forum before getting the go-ahead, you will be considered a spammer, your thread will be removed, and you will be banned. If you'd like to advertise on FF, or promote your website then you should contact the Administrators via PM.

    • Language: Keep it to PG-13. We are a family friendly site. If you are unsure over a word then chances are it's unsuitable.

    • Text Speak: Do not use 'text speak' on the boards - save it for the chatroom. We want people to understand what you're saying and not 2 b confusd @ wat ur sayin. You don't have to be a wizard with words, but we expect members to make an effort.

    • 'Sock Puppeting': We operate a one account per person basis. This means that you're allowed to create one account on "sock puppeting" will not be tolerated and may result in a ban. If you have forgotten your password or log-in information, please do not create a 2nd account, instead use the password reminder feature or failing that contact a member of staff and will assist you in retrieving your old account.

    • Double Posting: This is when you post a message in a thread twice (or more) in a row. In other words, you have posted a message in a thread and follow it up with another post right after it. Usually this is because a member wants to "bump" a thread, or is too lazy to edit a post they submitted a few minutes earlier. Double posting is unnecessary and is considered poor etiquette. It is completely fine to post in a thread right after your previous post ifyou are adding new (aka "different") information or value, or if there has been some time since that previous post. Otherwise using the handy EDIT button will suffice, especially if you're just posting to correct a typo or spelling mistake.

    Please note: From time to time we may miss things, it happens. If you do notice anything that breaches our rules, please let us know by using the small triangle 'report button' (available beside each post) or by using the contact form. Thanks in advance!

    FF Administrators and Moderators have the authority to move, close, edit and moderate threads at any time in accordance with our site policies. Our decisions are final.

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    Have you read our Rules and Spoiler Rules?

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