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    Default Season 3

    Season 3 came to an end earlier this week. I suppose I'll share some thoughts on the latter half of the season, the season finale, and S3 as a whole.

    -The Red Wedding sequence has been quite the affair in the fandom for readers and non-readers alike. I found the buildup and the execution of the Wedding to have been top-notch. With Talisa being an original character, her fate was unknown, though seeing her get stabbed repeatedly in her pregnant belly was pretty shocking and gruesome. Michelle Fairley also acted the hell out of that ending. And I also liked to see Walder Frey again, as he's hilarious.

    -Many were bummed that we didn't end the season with Lady Stoneheart, or at least signs of her return. I think it would have been too soon, as we still need to establish Arya's warging abilities via Nymeria before showing Stoneheart (Arya sees Cat's body through Nymeria; also, Arya's warging allows her to find a loophole in the blindness test during the Faceless Man training). Because the resurrection happened three days after the Red Wedding, I expect that Catelyn will return in episodes 4.01-4.02.

    -I was pleased to see that the Sam the Slayer scene didn't get brushed aside. While the context is changed (the Slayer scene happens on the way to Craster's in the books), I think this change works better for the show, as it serves to make the Walker presence more consistent throughout the season. I liked the effects used in depiction the death of the Walker, and the ravens were cool.

    -Speaking of ravens, we didn't get to see Coldhands at all this season. The end sequence of 3.08 would have originally been Coldhands rescuing Sam and Gilly from wights, had they placed the Slayer scene earlier in the season. While I don't know if Coldhands is absolutely necessary - they can always use greensight as a guide to the Three-Eyed Raven - they could also end up meeting Coldhands on the way there. With Coldhands being a pretty cool character, I hope we do get to see him during S4, though I'll understand if he ends up being cut.

    -As always, Arya's material was excellent. Liked the portrayal of The Hound VS Beric, and the whole resurrection reveal. Also, it was neat to see Thoros and Melisandre interact, as we never got such Red Priest on Red Priestess action in the books (more the Melisandre-Stannis stuff later). Arya and the Hound make an amusing duo, and it was great to see a new milestone in the slaying of Frey men in the finale (and as an aside, I liked the RobbWind portrayal).

    -The Tyrion/Sansa Green Wedding was pretty hilarious. And Tywin trying to keep Joffrey in line has been amusing to watch. The royal wedding looms on the horizon, so I imagine it will happen early in S4 (4.01-4.02). And of course, the Tyrells have continued being great.

    -Jon Snow's storyline has been pretty alright. Liked the climb of the Wall and the Jon/Ygritte dynamic. I found the Queenscrown sequence to have been a little clumsy, especially due to how they carried the aftermath over to 3.10. I had expected 3.10 to include the Wildling raid on Castle Black, but I guess this will be the opening conflict for S4 (which actually works better, as it allows for more material as we wait for the Battle of Castle Black). As a side note, nice to see Maester Aemon again.

    -The Daenerys stuff has been decent as well. The siege of Yunkai was executed well enough. Daario in the books was way more extravagant, what with blue-dyed hair and tri-pronged beard, among other things. I prefer the show's toned-down version. I also found Grey Worm to be a nice character. And the Valyrian speech continues to be great.

    Many seem to have found the ending sequence of S3 - Dany greeting the liberated slaves of Yunkai - to have been an underwhelming closer, lacking the punch of previous season enders (the birth of Dragons and the advancement of the White Walker forces at the Fist). When the title of 3.10 was first revealed, I immediately knew that the S3 finale would end with the Mhysa scene, so it wasn't much of a surprise (though while it was a nice scene overall, I agree that it isn't as striking a closing note). And others have noted that it is somewhat of a retread of 3.04, with Dany basking in the triumph of the liberated slaves after taking one of the Slaver cities, which I also see as a valid criticism.

    Discussions about racism have also appeared on the interwebz, what with Dany playing the White Saviour to the Coloured Slaves. While I do see this parallel, and can understand why it bothered some, I can't say that I was up in arms about it; I see it as another unfortunate example of Hollywood-ian missteps.

    I do wonder how they will handle her material in S4. I imagine the taking of Meereen will take up the majority of the season, with S4 ending with Daenerys deciding to install herself as the Queen of Meereen so as to learn how to properly rule a city, as preparation for the ruling of the Seven Kingdoms. S5 would then cover her Dance of Dragons storyline, with S5 possibly ending with, or just before, the Battle of Meereen (which is to be depicted in the forthcoming Winds of Winter).

    -The majority seem to have not enjoyed the Theon torture scenes. I understand why they had to show this linearly, instead of as a flashback, but they covered all of the major points as seen in the books - the contrived escape attempt to crush Theon's hopes, flaying Theon and removing his digits, the castration, and the beginning of the transformation into the Reek persona. Not sure what Theon will do next season, however, though S4 will probably show him embracing the Reek persona (with S5 covering his Dance with Dragons material).

    -I enjoyed seeing the Ironborn again. Funny stuff with "Theon's Favourite Toy" . From the preview for 3.10, I had expected that Balon would die as per the "leech" foreshadowing, thereby setting up the Kingsmoot storyline for S4 . Yara setting out to rescue Theon at the Dreadfort is an interesting move, seeing as this doesn't happen in the books. However, since Balon is supposed to die before Joffrey, I suspect that this will not amount to much, as Balon's death and the Kingsmoot incites Yara (or Asha) to return to the Iron Islands to stake her claim alongside Victarion and Euron. The Kingsmoot only starts in Book 4, which would mean S5, so perhaps this Yara Rescue storyline is meant to stall the Kingsmoot for a bit .

    By the way, I hope the whole Faceless Man angle to Balon's death, and Euron's role in the affair, is made clear in the show. We can never have enough Faceless Man action, after all.

    -Last order of business would be the Dragonstone material. It makes sense that Gendry would replace Edric Storm as Melisandre's sacrifice, and it did give us the Melisandre-Thoros-Beric stuff (along with Melisandre seeming to replace the Ghost of High Heart, when she foretells Arya's future). Seeing Selyse and Shireen was great, and the Davos literacy subplot was nicely done (and pretty humorous).

    The only false note in the Dragonstone storyline came with the finale. Instead of deciding to head to the Wall of his own decision, he defers to Melisandre's judgement immediately. This makes it seem like Stannis is completely subject to the will and whims of Melisandre, which comes as a detriment to his character. His lack of conflict in the decision to have Gendry be a sacrifice was also protracted. In the books, Stannis was much more his own man, and less so Melisandre's apparent puppet.

    I wonder what Stannis and Friends will be up to for S4, though. In the books, the next time we see Stannis is at the Battle of Castle Black, where he turns the tides and defeats Mance Rayder's forces. If that Battle is to happen later in the season (possibly episode 9), then what will the Dragonstone crew do in between then? Also, the appearance of Stannis in the books was played as a surprise, so I hope they try to keep it as much a surprise as they can in the show .

    -Overall, I found S3 to have been excellent. I would have to do a series rewatch to decide season preference hierarchies, though at the moment, I think I at least preferred S3 to S2.

    I look forward to S4 and beyond. They're already in the process of casting Oberyn Martell, Mace Tyrell, and the Magnar of Thenn, which is pretty exciting news. Should be good stuff.

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    The most interesting TV show of all time. I've seen first two series and i am downloading the third one. I am in love with Fame of thrones.
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